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Superior Chai

Spice up your daily routine with Superior Chai! You will find this healthy drink is excellent hot, cold or blended.
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RiseCoffeeSupply.com is delighted to offer Superior Chai from top names in the business: Big Train, Oregon Chai, Monin, and Tazo. With a gourmet mixture of spices and tea, Chai is a drink filled with milky exquisiteness that we are crazy over.

A time-honored Indian tea, Superior Chai has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to heal illness and to support immunity. Typically made of black or green tea, herbs, spices, and milk, Superior Chai has many benefits. This tea contains powerful antioxidants that help destroy free radicals. Combinations of herbs and spices promote digestion.

Superior Chai often contains some or all of the following herbs and spices. Cinnamon, which can help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and help fight colon cancer. It is also used during cold season to help fight respiratory issues. Cardamom aids in digestion while cloves help to cure fungal infections. Black pepper relieves upper respiratory symptoms and chest congestion. Nutmeg eases neurological pain and preserves kidney function and a healthy immune system.

Many prefer Superior Chai because it helps maintain well being, fight off sickness, and is choked full of antioxidants. This tea can be enjoyed hot on a cool morning, cold on a hot afternoon, or blended for a nice refreshing treat.