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Special White Tea

With higher antioxidant levels than any other tea, special white tea may be the supreme drink of health. Drinking white tea may lower cholesterol and blood pressure As well as, create greater bone density, and provide antibacterial/antiviral protection.
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Special White Tea White Tea (0.25 LB)
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Since the era of the Chinese imperial dynasties, tea-drinking was customary. On an annual basis, people of this time paid tribute to the Emperor in a tea tax. They presented only the rarest and finest teas, commonly made from the youngest most exquisite buds of tea plants. This is perhaps the earliest forms of special white tea, but crafted differently than how it is processed today. After the tea buds were plucked, they would be steamed to remove the outer leaf. They were then rinsed, sun dried, and ground into a fine white powder. The powder was mixed into hot water to make the most outstanding tea around.

Of all teas, special white tea is the least processed. It is picked from the bush before the leaves even open. It is named special White Tea because the buds on the Camilla sinensis plant are still covered in delicate white hairs when the tea is picked.

So, as not to allow the leaves to oxidize, the new-growth buds and leaves are immediately and gently dried. As a result of very little processing and oxidation, the freshest most flavorful tea is created.

To make a cup of our Special White Tea, simply, bring 8 ounces of water to a rolling boil and waiting one minute after removing it from the heat to add the leaves. Add two teaspoons of our loose leaf tea and let steep 5-8 minutes. Sip and savor the impeccable, most divine flavor of Special White Tea.