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Premium Oolong Tea

Discover a deliciously light flavor exclusive to Premium Oolong tea. The poly phenols responsible for this flavor have been found to reduce triglycerides and remove free radicals from your body. Drink to your health!
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The origination of premium Oolong tea dates back to China’s Ming Dynasty, however it is now produced in many countries, including Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and others. Oolong teas have a vast array of aromas and flavors due to the extensive scope of oxidation levels. These levels range between the zero oxidation of green tea and the full oxidation of black tea. This type of tea makes you want to stop and take in the full aroma and flavor.

The production of premium Oolong tea is of the most complex of teas, requiring elaborate steps to accomplish the flavor and aroma desired. Besides oxidation level of the tea, other factors make up the shape, leaf style, flavor and aroma.

Premium Oolong teas consist of immense numbers of poly phenols, known to help diminish triglycerides and eliminate free radicals from your body. In China it is thought, premium Oolong teas increase metabolism and oxidize fat.

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