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Gourmet Decaf Tea

Indulged yourself in a gourmet decaf tea without sacrificing the taste you have a passion for. Enjoy day or night!
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Spare yourself the ill side-effects of caffeine and enjoy a cup or two one of our amazing gourmet decaf teas. RiseCoffeeSupply.com brings you all the indulgent flavor and aroma of caffeinated tea in decaf. We offer a variety of loose-leaf, scented, flavored, and bagged tea.

There are several different processes by which the caffeine is extracted to make gourmet decaf tea: methylene chloride, ethyl acetate carbon dioxide, and water processing. However, no matter what process is used, in order for a tea to be label decaffeinated it must have less than 2.5 percent of its initial caffeine level.

RiseCoffeeSupply.com wants to make sure our customers get the freshest Gourmet Decaf Tea so we seal and ship our teas the very same day.