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Gourmet Black Tea

Sip the most exceptional cup of gourmet black tea the world has to offer! Our black tea comes in a variety of blends.

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Legend has it that gourmet black tea was discovered by the Emperor Shen Nung, a Chinese ruler in the 2700s BC. The story is told that a tea leaf unintentionally fell into his cup of boiling water, creating tea as we know it. By the 1800s, tea had expanded around the world.

Gourmet black tea is grown in China where it originated, and India. But, the world’s leader in tea production is Sri Lanka.

Throughout history, black tea had its uses as clothing dye and to cure the ill. It was often used to keep people awake and give them energy. Today, citrus and bergamot notes are added to black tea to give a unique flavor to the tea.

Here at RiseCoffeeSupply, choice gourmet black teas in many loose-leaf blends. To get the perfect cup of tea that is full of flavor, start by steeping your tea when the water is erupting with bubbles. Steep for 3-5 minutes until it reaches your desired strength. Don’t forget, you will need a tea infuser for single cups!