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Love relaxing to a hot cup of tea? We have the best gourmet tea around! Try sipping one of our gourmet teas today!
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Iced Tea Blend (1LB)
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Tea is the worlds most expansively drank liquid, besides water. Although it is plentiful in history and tradition, tea is quite simple. Explained below are the key origin, varieties, and preparations of the very best gourmet tea.

All of the best gourmet tea types come from the Camellia sinensis plant. All teas come from one bud and two leaves. They are usually picked twice a year. However, it is how the leaves are processed that makes them into: green, black, or oolong tea. Black tea is given the amber color by first withering, rolling, sifting and fermenting the leaves. The leaves for green tea are fired shortly after plucking to prevent fermentation. In addition, oolong tea falls between green and black teas in color with a process involving leaves that are withered, rolled, twisted, and semi-fermented.

The best gourmet tea create different flavors with herbs, flowers, fruit, peels and more rather than tea leaves. This creates a one of a kind flavor for various palates.

We have a huge selection of the best gourmet tea! From Tsane, to Chai concentrate, and Tazo tea, we carry all of the best gourmet tea.

Part of the best gourmet tea experience would certainly include a sip of our flavored tea or chai. These will certainly add some excitement to your day! Choose a green tea or possibly an herbal tea to boost your health. There is sure to be something to suite everyone’s taste buds in our vast selection of the best gourmet tea around!